Our Company Values

As part of the Scott Salisbury Group, at AREA Construction we’re committed to upholding the very highest standards in building services. Our values are the foundation of this commitment.


We are ethical and honest. We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions.

‘We do the right thing. We are transparent; we play with a straight bat.’


At all times we act in a professional, honest and ethical manner towards our clients and fellow co-workers, in order to convey transparency, trust, respect, reliability and competency. We leave nothing to chance, setting the highest standards and always striving for perfection in everything we do, in order to benefit the client.

‘Do it right the first time, and be even better the next.’

Customer service

Every employee has an impact on customer service. Whether they are on the front line or in a support position, we hire people who bring passion and excitement to the business; these people build strong relationships with clients and team members.

‘Customer service is not a cliché or a strategy; it is the core of our company culture.’


We establish bold visions and collaborate with others to realise them. We strive to be leaders in industry excellence. We work in purposeful, strategic and resourceful ways. We operate with a sense of possibility and persevere in the face of challenges.

‘We ensure alignment between our actions and beliefs, and assume personal responsibility for results.’


We create an environment that nurtures open communications and enthusiasm. We collaborate and provide feedback in a constructive manner. We follow up with people in a timely manner.

'We share information, provide support, and model behaviours that create a positive workplace – and encourage others to do the same.’


We always produce consistent results by having systems and procedures matched with our passionate attitudes and behaviours. By doing this we enable every employee to assist in the delivery of high-quality and predictable outcomes to benefit the client.

‘Deliver the same high standards by all team members, for every client, in every home, every time.’


While we take every task seriously to ensure the best results for our clients, we also encourage fun and harmony between employees in the workplace. We encourage the celebration of our achievements whether big or small, as this is the product of all our dedication and hard work.

‘We encourage inclusive fun in the workplace.’